This is a great science experiment to try with your parents’ help!

(please note to maintain privacy we have used children’s first initial rather than their first name)


H firstly created his volcano using news paper, glue and water. He moulded the paper around a bottle and then waited for it to dry ready to paint.

The experiment


1/2 cup of water
1/4 cup of vinegar
1/4 cup of washing up liquid
2 Table spoons of bicarbonate of soda



Individually poor each ingredient in to the centre of the volcano (the bottle) saving the bicarbonate of soda until last, when all the ingredients are added you put the bicarbonate of soda into the tissue and drop that in to the bottle – this causes a chemical reaction and the appearance of a volcano erupting.

H loved learning about volcanoes but really enjoyed the experiment part and would highly recommend it!

KS2 Volcano resources