What’s happening in Willoughby?

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Festive Cheer at the Christmas Fair!

Willoughby's annual Christmas Fair signals the start of the festive period for many residents! Held in the church at the end of November, there was a variety of stalls selling homemade cakes, jams and chutneys, Christmas cards & wrap, toys and gifts, art work and...

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Grasses in Willoughby – so much to see!

There is a whole world of grasses at our feet waiting to be explored and appreciated as part of the scenery and of our rural environment. If we count the cereal crops, which we should include because botanically and genetically they belong amongst the grasses, then 26...

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Churchyards as Time Capsules

The thought that a church yard is full of echoes of the history of its parish and of rural England is deeply embedded in our culture, and I feel conscious of it whenever I sit on the seat for a rest and a think, or cut the west hedge. The sentiment appears in...

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Wildlife of Willoughby

Willoughby has no formally designated wild flower gardens, though some gardens are semi-wild by default, including mine. In its wildness some cowslips mysteriously colonised my front lawn many years ago, and with no encouragement beyond taking care to avoid them with...

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Birds to Spot in Willoughby

I think I have identified over 40 species of bird in Willoughby in recent years, but I dare say that there are many residents, far more expert in ornithology, who could name many more. Of all the vertebrate wild animal life, it is probably the birds which attract the...

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Signs of Autumn in Willoughby

“To autumn” by John Keats (1792-1821) must surely be one of the most quoted poems in English, with its “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. But what of our local natural history in autumn, and of its fruitfulness?  As drivers we’re not always pleased to see the...

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