Keen to find out more about the village, I have looked through 200 years of old newspapers stored in the online British Newspaper Archive (BNA), and found some long forgotten stories and photographs.

Download the PDF.

The Parish Council has very kindly agreed to let me replay some of these stories on the village website. The photos may follow as an update, subject to copyright clearance.

Don’t worry if you or your relatives were mentioned in the newspaper for speeding or worse, I ignored all crime reports, so they certainly won’t appear here. I have also redacted any names used in the original articles, unless they are already in the public domain, or the person died some time ago.

I have referenced the stories to the (pages) of Henry Rowlinson’s 1999 booklet ‘Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, Two Millennia of History’. The booklet is also availble to view at Keyworth library.

Don’t forget newspaper reporters sometimes got confused, so do let me know if you can add to this document, or if you disagree with anything mentioned here.

Download the PDF

Colin Aldworth